March Favourites

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

So during the month of March I've found myself buying some new things, picking up some old ones and trying out new tricks. Every month is a new phase, so I figured I'd be best off showing you in a post, just a couple of this months things that where just always in my hand.  So naturally I always have a lot of favourites but here today I'm just posting a few of the smaller things which where always on my person/face. Its not too extensive but its a little taster before the video is up tomorrow, theres a little collection of photos and a few thoughts on each item.

Ive been finding myself looking for a fuller coverage this month & I've been tanning more than usual - probably because of Easter etc. But yeah basically this month I felt like making an effort with my face. I needed something that would be a picture perfect coverage, stay in place and not look too cakey. Ive never been one to try out cinematic foundations or gel/cream foundations but this month I've been loooooovinnnggggg the Mehron Celbrè HD Pro foundation which I bought in the shade Eurasia Japanais (which matches my MAC Shade of NC35) making it the ideal shade for me with my tan on. Its thick, creamy, full coverage and when you put it on your face it blends like a dream and just looks like a second skin- while obviously covering up spots and blemishes. So I would totally recommend this to everyone and I bagged mines for like £11.

For underneath and over my foundation/full face I had heard that MAC Fix+ was amazing and had always wanted to try it. It had been out of stock every time I popped into the MAC store in Glasgow and then finally managed to get my hands on it. At first I just popped it over my face for a dewy look and then tried it out as a primer and it works just as well. So yeah those are my two fave face products this month for that long lasting full coverage look

While I was in MAC I was looking for a dark brown lip colour and they didn't have what I wanted so I popped into Superdrug and picked up this Loreal Paris lipstick in 703. To be fair firstly it was the packaging that caught my eye but this is more of a satin finish lipstick, its a perfect colour and I just love it. I know I've mentioned these lashes before but they are honestly so amazing that I had to pop them into my March favourites. So last but not least I've been working with a manufacturer who has made me a phone case here or there & came up with this faux fur beauty. Its honestly so perfect, the pom pom is also detachable. Im thinking about seeing about getting more and popping some on my Depop if you guys would be interested let me know. 

So theres a few of my March favourites, I've just finished recording the YouTube video which had more products, books & shows that I've been loving. So that will be up in the next day or so. But in the mean time I'll link everything bellow & if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment or contact me. Have a fab day, see you soon

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  1. I have those lashes too, seriously they are amazing! I always stack two pairs for that extra dramatic glamour!

    Hope xox // B'bB

  2. Oh wow, that L'Oreal lipstick is to die for, such gorgeous shade! Definitely will check it out.
    TimeWithYana x


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