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Sunday, 5 October 2014

We all know its coming, that one night, out of the ordinary where you can look and feel a million dollars, be it a prom night, award show or cinderella's ball. Its round the corner and now its time to start planning, finding that perfect dress, planning the perfect make up and hair. Despite the excitement it can be some what overwhelming and stressful (don't worry it'll be perfect in the end), so here's me offering a few tips and guidelines to help you out with that planning. As a bridal stylist for the last year, I can shed a bit of light on the subject and share with you my experiences. So where to begin...

The dress obviously! So where to buy from? who can you trust? is it safe to order from abroad?
In my opinion and from others horrible experiences never order from a Chinese wholesaler, if it seems too good to be true then chances are it is. Order from people with legit certificates and are legitimate retailers of for instance; Jovani, Sherri Hill or Tony Bowls. Shop around for the best prices, compare the quality and customer reviews.

Every girl has a certain body shape which suits certain and specific styles of dresses, something that will enhance what God gave you. On a weekly basis, at work, I am expected to know which dresses will suit a girls figure, height and weight (its a tricky job), but when done right leaves a girl feeling $1 million. So what kind of figure do you have?

Triangle : The Triangle shape is defined as shoulders and torso that are narrower than the hips.

Inverted Triangle :This is characterised by having wider shoulders than hips, and wearing a larger size on your top half than on your bottom half. Little definition between waist and hips, the lack of curves at bottom.

Rectangle :Little definition on the waist, your hips and your bust are roughly the same size and there is a small difference between your bust and waist is little.

Hourglass: The bust and hips are well balanced and you have a beautifully defined waist, likely posses a rounded bottom and rounded shoulders which align with hips.

Diamond: The hips are broader than your bust and shoulders, the waist is undefined and the widest part of the frame and lower legs are shapely.

Rounded: The waistline lacks or has no waist definition, hips and bottom may be wide and full along with waist creating a rounder look. (also knows as an Apple body shape)

Pear: The waist is well defined, bust and shoulders proportionally narrower than the hip-line and the thighs and bottoms are full and rounded.

So now you've identified which body shape you are, what kind of dresses should you check out and where?

Start of by looking for legitimate sellers (even if its all the way in NY), shopping round your city to see what kind of dress you can find. However some of us girls don't have that luxury of being able to get the designers labels and styles we want, so we resort to online shopping. The horror stories from ordering online are endlesssssss, from wholesale disaster, international sizing and it not suiting you as it did on that slender 5"8 model. So here are a few of my tips and (from personal experience) tricks on how to have a stress free prom, as far as humanly possible...

  • Go online initially, see what kinds of things you are liking, make a note of the style number or screenshot all details on your IpadIphone or tablet. Are you a lace kind of girl? a glitter girl ? or couture chic? you need to know what you love, like and hate.
  • Go shopping around some bridal boutiques, special occasions shops and even go check out some bridesmaids dresses. Try anything on, you need to know what suits your figure personally, try column, soft and floaty, mermaid, fishtail, princess... you name it just try it on!!
  • From that shopping trip you'll recognise what kind of things suited you, what details, colours and embellishments.. you never know maybe you've already found your dress! But for us indecisive hard to please girls, you've now chopped your online list in half... you better get shopping..
  • So way at the beginning you should have set that budget for the dress, taking into accounts things like make up, hair, shoes and accessories... trust me this end is pretty much endless. You have to be reasonable when picking that dress, for you, your mum and her poor bank account. So there's more of those $1,000 dresses of the list.
  • Here's the hard part.. picking one! Taking into account everything you have to choose that one dress and its as simple as "which one would suit me better?" , "which can I afford?" and "which one do I remember the most?"
  • Hopefully you've chosen the dress, so now to get your size and where to buy from? go on the official retailer website and see where they sell their dresses, most retailers have a list you can view of their suppliers to prevent any fraudulent activity. But since I'm so kind, here are a few I highly recommend: New York DressMack Tak Mart (where I got my Jovani 3008 eek) and Misses Dressy.
  • You're ready to order so how do you know your size? well basically, you're going to have to reform back into the good oldoriginal, method of using a measuring tape. Never order a dress guessing your measurements you need to be specific and accurate, I mean its coming from another part of the worldwho's to say their returns policy is as lenient as a high street store.
  • Wait... ITS HERE. Take it to get some alterations done, plan your hairbagshoes and nails all in accordance with that dress. Just double check you have an order number, parcel number and an estimated delivery time

I hope these tips are appreciated and help you when buying your fabulous dresses online, It would be awesome if you could share some of you views, experiences, tips and tricks with me. I hope you all look stunning, now I'm away to hunt for my dress for our Italian/Scottish Awards, god how fun! Seriously though, expect me ranting about all the cool websites I've found, not to mention make up, just warning you. Ahh the joys of blogging.

Love Naomi xox

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Idealistic Birthday Wishlist

Thursday, 28 August 2014

I have not been shopping in almost two months; I literally want to pull my hair out and probably weave into some kind of skirt.  It’s not that I don’t have the money, but what makes it as excruciating is the fact I have to SAVE, I mean who even came up with the idea of saving (unless it’s for a pair of Louboutins or a pair of Blahniks – then it’s totally understandable). I’m not exaggerating when I say I had literally forgotten about “late night shopping” until tonight when I had to starfish out on my bed to stop me from moving. Being “prepared” for moving has hurt me where it hurts the most – my wardrobe. So all I can do until the 26th of September is wait for the birthday shopping haul to commence, so that’s why I’ve resorted to online shopping and came up with a check-list of what to buy as soon as I’m allowed into the high street.

I sound like some kind of wild animal. 

So basically everything I’m about to tag in this post is what I would idealistically love for my birthday, but the probability of me getting it (even though it is my 18th birthday) is pretty slim. Most of these items are affordable, so if its payday for you lucky dolls today you may want to check some of it out.

I'll get the big ones out the way first shall I?

1. I have been admiring the Christian Louboutin Differa heels for sometime, spotted on the 'Vanity Fairs- Best Dressed Editors Picks' Claudia Adaszewska lately in black. These shoes are literally like gold dust and i would see them as a "vintage" Louboutin initially launched in 2001. The last i was aware they where retailing for £790 on net-a-porter, but since have been discontinued (see what i mean about the probability being low) ive attached of the gold ones im lusting over and praying the birthday fairy is extra loving this year.

2. The next thing i would like would probably be most bloggers and journalists essential, the 'MacBook Pro 13" with Retina' i have no idea what any of that means, I just knows its good for what i do and i want it even if the fairy refuses (chances are i'll probably save up and get this eventually). It currently retails at 4GB for £949, while other places do offer promotional offers during the freshers times eg. PC World offering £100 cash back after any purchase over £599- not bad eh.

3. Okay so onto a treat for both myself and all you shoe lovers. Are you ready to witness the forefront in affordable couture amazing beatuful magnificent footwear, not only are they fabulous and flawless but they are constantly offer flash sales of upto 50% off when you subscribe- visit Kandee Shoes (dont thank me when you do, thank Mr Kandee). The Prices range from £100 to £400, but the quality is dear i say it to that of the standards of the luxury brands CL *wink* *wink* My Top 3 would easily be Skittlez, Glacier and (my most favourite carrie bradshaw heel) FROSTING. Seriously girls check them out, youll bever regret it, get on board with my kandee obssesion.

4. My Second Last Item is a recent release from M.A.C, this product means we no longer need to fork out £110 to complete a custom MAC eyeshadow palette but only £65. As a brunette I always tend to go for more natural tones (and as i currently dont own mac eye products) when i saw this product i started having palpitations, available in both cool and warm tones our favourite make up brand has premade us a 15 pan nuetral palette for a fraction of the cost. So i have to have it and so do you, if your starting out on MAC this palette features both limited edition colours and colours which are available to buy in store at £10 per eyeshadow. With a wide variety of matte and frosting pigmentation, from olives to plum, golds to silvers the possibilities with these palettes are endless. An investment i plan on making myself if need be, warm personally is my favourite but check out some tutorials and swatches on Youtube to judge for yourself.

5. Okay so these last products I've never really got round to buying but absolutely adore, love and drool over. Its the Real Technique brushes, after my long lasting relationship with my stipple brush i always said i would pick up the Sams Pick Collection along with the Essential Eye Kit but unfortunately i haven't got em yet. I have been spying on All Beauty and after comparing lots of prices for these brushes found this to be the cheapest by a mile; Sam Picks (which is limited edition) Retails at £26 while the Eyeshadow Brushes cost only £13.50- whilst most drug stores expect £21. These brushes are long lasting and durable, they not only give a flawless fish but are completly reliable to have almost no fall out.

Regardless of what i get on my birthday, which i will be sure to share, im just going to be super greatful for everything and actually being able to spend time with my family and thankful i got anything. Though imma turn up when it comes to going into town with my gurlsss (lol feel so sassy when i say that). Just as a disclaimer this is probably not what i will recieve on my birthday just a shortned version on what i would LOVE to happen if pigs flew and i was in a parallel universe. Going to be 18 though, and aslong as i get a fancy glass with the numbers '1' and '8' on im coool with life. Can't wait to be deemed as an adult by most people who dont know me, YAAAY.

Anyway hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and be sure to check out some of the things above, even email me your wishlists and any suggestions of what you would like to see featured on here. Im thinking a shoe supplier blog post soon, shoes Shoes SHOES.

Love Naomi xoxo

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