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Friday, 4 December 2015

As part of my first Blogmas I'm still getting used to coming up with new blog ideas everyday and making sure that I'm not just rambling. So today I was just having a little think about what I love to read on blogs and watch on my Youtube, then thought why not tell you guys some things you probably didn't already know about me. Ive already started making little confessions here and there so I'm just going to jump into the deep end with a TMI tag post. Answering a collection of 50 questions which I need to answer honestly, so I'm just going to type as I think and avoid hitting the backspace button (which could end badly) so I apologise in advance.

So I hope this keeps you entertained on this cold day, let me know if you've completed any TMI Tag recently and link it to me either on one of the social medias, below or by email. At this point I've not even looked through the questions yet so hopefully it goes okay. All the questions are just down there so lets get started shall we;


1.What are you wearing? Thats a weird one since you can't see me, but I'm wearing a check skirt, black polo neck (long sleeve top), black tights and black fringe boots. Everything I'm wearing is mostly from Primark and Newlook - I'll try and link below.

2. Ever been in love? Only just recently - with someone who's leaving to go serve in the army soon *cries*

3. Ever had a terrible breakup? I suppose as bad as it can get,  I felt depressed and I was ill for a good bit. But after a long awaited realisation and the best friends in the entire planet I got through it and realised who I was. Everything happens for a reason.

4. How tall are you? 5ft2 tall, so I basically need to live in high heels.

6. Any piercings? I have my ears and I used to have my belly button pierced (which is now just a scar)- lost the piercing when I was drunk and found it down the toilet the next day. But I'm scared of needles so I doubt I'll add to that.

7. Any Tattoos? Nope, not yet.

8. One True Pairing? Probably would be MATTY & JENNA (Awkward)

9. Favourite Show? Awkward, Gossip Girl, Faking it, American Horror Story & Scream Queens.

10. Favourite Bands? Im such a fan girl but probably the good ol' 1975, You Me at Six (a fave from school), I love a bit of 1D & Busted.

11. Something you miss? Probably my gran, the innocence of being in primary school, not having bills to pay and bae.

12. Favourite Song? Gabrielle Aplin Salvation or Demi Lovato Warrior

13. How old are you? 19 years old

14. Zodiac Sign? Libra

15. Quality you look for in a partner? Honesty first and foremost, then probably just not being a push over (but being a hopeless romantic at the same time)

16. Favourite quote? "My candle burns at both ends, it will not last the night- but ah my foes and oh my friends it will give a burning light." Roald Dhal

17. Favorite Actor? Rober Downey Jr.

18. Favourite colour? White and Silver

19. Loud music or soft? Loud when its my music, Soft when I'm chilling or its someone else's.

20. Where do you go when you're sad? I used to always go up and see my gran, but these days I just tend to drive.

21. How long does it take you to shower? On an average of 20 minutes

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Anything from 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on where I'm going or what I'm doing.

23. Ever been in a physical fight? Probably only with a sibling (soz johnny)

24. Turn on? Seriously haha? em probably well dressed person, good sense of style and confidence

25. Turn off? Bad breath, joey essex wannabes and spoon fed people

26. The reason I started blogging? To meet people who have the same interests in me, have confidence and I guess be known for something.

27. Fears? Spiders, the dark & needles - most pathetic "adult" ever

28. The last thing that made you cry? Probably a movie of some sort, i honestly can't remember.

29. Last time you said you love someone? Today about 1 o'clock

30. Meaning behind your blogging name? I get wound up easily over stupid things, and haute is relative back to fashion I guess haha?

31. The last book you read? Everyday - David Levithan

32. The book you're currently reading?  Zoellas Girl Online: On Tour

33. The last show you watched? Gossip Girl

34. The last person you spoke to? The mother about 15 minutes ago.

35. The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Boyfriend

36. Favourite Food? Spaghetti  Gamberoni, Carbonara & anything from the chinese

37. Place you want to visit? London, Paris, Punjab and New York.

38. Last place you were? Ibizaaaaa

39. Do you have a crush? That would have to be either the BF or Zac Efron.

40. Last time you kissed someone? This morning, what can I say...

41. Last time you where insulted? I tend to forget because I don't care about it, but I'm imagining probably a week ago.

42. Favourite flavour of sweet? CHOCOLATE & salt/vinegar sticks

43. What instruments do you play? Well I used to play Saxophone, I play guitar & I sing a lil bit?

44. Favourite piece of jewellery? Probably my Swarovski ring or Marc Jacobs necklace

45. Last sport you played? Im sorry but I was that girl who like close to never, ever done PE.

46. Last song you sang? I can't feel my face when I'm with you, but i love it...

47. Favourite chat up line? Ive lost my phone number. Can I get yours?

48. Have you ever used it? Probably really drunk last year sometime, I probably just got laughed at.

49. Last time you hung out with anyone? Im currently hanging out and babysitting my niece if that counts?

50. Who should do this next? Anyone who has a spare 30 minutes LOL

Well there you go, all 50 questions answered finally. So I'm away to get ready and head into the city centre for a surprise, so hopefully I don't get blew away (literally). Christmas markets are out so imma get all the melted chocolate. Anyway I hope you've enjoyed todays post, if you've got any ideas for some Blogmas posts please, please, PLEASE tell me. In all the same usual ways, everything needed will be linked below. Have an amazing day whats left of it and ill chat on twitter.

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My First Love - Was Its Really That Great?

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Now I know that from the title of this post you may have thought twice before reading it, with its cliched Nicholas Sparks kind of title. Although today I may be talking about some heartbreak, fond memories and getting my hopes up (not boy related obviously) but over my first ever foundation. I mean what else is a staple in every girls make-up bag? A foundation. Like the name implies its our first step of becoming young adults and the first step of understanding the art of makeup.  Such a naive time of our lives when our mums, grannies and aunts finally accepted we where growing up and let us paint our faces.

Back in the day when I was just a little 12/13 year old I was never allowed anything more than clear mascara and eyebrow gel, but girls where already experimenting with their Elizabeth Arden creme foundations from 11. So it made me pretty envious back then (poor 12 year old me), how those girls where allowed to make their faces 10x's browner than their neck and I wasn't. I guess now looking back I'm grateful for being forced to wait till I could actually make sense of blending and colour matching to my actual skin tone. I learned that the hard way when I used my half Indian mothers foundation to school one day (obviously once I left the house), and from the neck down I was snow white with a snooki like facial complexion. 

So when I finally hit 14 my aunt (who is like the reason I'm obsessed with all things make up and fashion) took me shopping like she always did every saturday, but this time proposed we went to the Benefit counter. At the time I thought it was her -even though she's a bare minerals lover- but it wasn't till I sat down on the chair and the girl asked me what kind of coverage I wanted. I was all like GDSUFSDKF is this for real? So ended up the girl put this amazing foundation on my face and boom I actually looked like a little princess. The coverage was amazing, it was easy to use, went well on my skin and overall just looked flawless (to 14 year old me). So 5 years later and in the black friday sales I stoated over to the Benefit section in boots and grabbed one, just to see if it was really everything I loved before. 

So I sat down in front of my huge mirror on Friday night before a gig and got ready for the first impression, 5 years later. I had no fake tan on so I figured I would wash then prep my skin with the little testers the girl in boots had given me for free. Ive always used the Porefessional and I have the regular size one but I can't complain when its for nothing. So anyway now my skin was ready I wasn't sure whether to apply it straight on or just use a brush (was honestly so nervous incase it was horrible). So it got planted straight on my face 5 lines at most and then blended out with my Make Up Revolution blending sponge.

I mean it gave coverage as I expected but it wasn't as amazing as I thought it used to be, but know I'm used to liquid foundations maybe that was the problem? It gave a dewy finish but was also quite heavy on my skin. I wore the foundation all night through alcohol inflicted activities and sweating when we were in the gig. To be fair it stayed put and never slid off my face, which was probably what spotty 14 year old me loved. Its a great foundation overall for starting off with and maybe using on nights out, but not everyday because it can feel quite heavy

A couple of days later I figured I could mix it up a little bit and play around with the foundation stick in ways I hadn't before, testing it for other uses. I put on my Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation in shade 303 (thats my fake tan go to foundation, holy grail I swear) and used the Playstick as a highlight shade under my eyes, the forehead, nose and all the usual places and my MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW40 as a contour shade. Blended all that in and I'm being honest I think I've found my new christmas routine for my face. It went no where, stayed put, kept the tones and any highlight powder was stuck on there as well.

Im thinking the moral to this love story is that 14 year old just assumed this was the only level of coverage and staying power there was in the world. Then 5 years on and many foundation routines later realised that she could use the old and blend it with the new, for that ideal party coverage. Overall Benefit are a great brand for the makeup shy people, the inexperienced and the pro's, this foundation is definitely going into my memory box and staying there.  So comment below, tweet or email me to let me know what your first foundation was, I mean why not go out and buy it and see what you think now (i dare you). As always you'll find everything spoke about today linked below with the best price possible. If you have any questions or need to get a hold of me please don't hesitate to do so.  Have a great day and I'll speak to you tomorrow

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