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Hey thats me, up there ^^

Well welcome to my blog Haute and Bothered. (Should I start with a good ol' introduction?)
The name is Naomi, I'm 19 and from the largest city in Scotland. I am like 5ft tall, so a super shortie. I study full time (life goals...), but I guess it is in a subject I enjoy so life could be worse. Im currently attempting to teach myself some more Spanish and to learn French. But then again all i done was download an App for my MacBook. So technically I'm fluent now, jokes. I live for shopping, most females my age say that but honestly -I didn't shop for like 3 months because I was saving for my car- it was probably the closest I had been to being broken. Im a major puppy/dog person and my dogs are my best friends, yep I'm that sad.  Overall Im a pretty happy, bubbly person (unless you don't feed me) and sometimes I need a little corner where I can express my overly excitable nature.  So HEY little corner, how you doin' !

So why did i start the blog? I like talking a lot and I suppose I get overly excited in general life , so I figured instead of talking too much I could just type really quick and get it all out.I guess its like when you come home from a big shopping spree after pay day, you just have that really accomplished feeling. 
Like " I can't wait to try all this stuff.", "I can't wait to show everyone what i got" and "They'll probably love this just as much as I do." So i guess thats what this blogs for. Just to talk too much, discuss life, new beauty products and outfits. But then again there may be that odd time when I've read a really good book. 

Well hopefully you've not read this and think I'm a little unhinged. So right now thats about it from me, I hope you have a wonderful day. If you've got any ideas about posts or want to suggest anything to me, then either comment or email me. 

Email: haute.bothered@gmail.com
Twitter: HauteBothered_
Instagram: Haute_Bothered

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