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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

We all know that when your T.O.M (time of month) comes you can be all types of angry, sad and in general just in need of a little pick me up. So what if instead of waiting on the Chinese, your boyfriend or anything else remembering to make you smile - you had a box of beauty surprises and food making its way to you on schedule every month. Well that where this little box of heaven ticks that box for only £9.95 (for the first box) followed by a monthly payment of £12.99 there after. So I bet your thinking "is it worth the money?" , "will it really make a difference?" well let me answer that for you with a big fat YES!!

The box has been designed to help you have everything you need right there to help you get through your cycle. Each box contains all the hygiene products (of your preference) as well as some exclusive beauty bits & munchies. You'll be provided with 24 hygiene products of your choice, a little dust bag to keep it discreet in your bag along with the 5 night time products to suit while you sleep.

The April box came through my door filled with well worth it goodies, which definitely put a smile on my face;

So first off lets just talk about how amazing, well organised and pretty this box is on first impression alone. But going in further you can see the products received are of super high quality and the brands are well known (New CID are my fave). The SAAS intimate wipes and Fab little tampon bag are honestly ideal for handbag purposes while keeping you happy and feeling fresh. The brands can all be bought separate and in some cases they cost more than the box alone. Some of the brands include;

NPW Pomegranate & Paw Paw Face Mask
New CID Cosmetics
Boozi Bodycare Hand Cream 
True Brit London
Mallow & Marsh Bar
Nairn's Rough Oatcakes
Teapigs Chamomile Flowers Tea

Overall I am absolutely in love with the product and its entire purpose, it cheers you up and exposes you to new brands that you might have not even tried before and for me thats a big win. If you're like me and loving this you can subscribe to pink parcel here and all of the products will (as always) be linked below for you to find. I hope you're having an awesome day, ill see you later on this week.

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  1. This sounds like a dream as I'm on that time of the month right now. Great review! x



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