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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Skin care has never been something that I've invested in, it all seemed a little complicated and unnecessary for me back in the day. I was quite happy with a face cloth and a good old bar of dove soap. From a young age I was never prone to any dry skin, spots or blemishes of any kind, it had been looked after and was glowing. But then things changed (as they do when you turn 13) and my skin started to become unbalanced. I started finding my skin oily in certain areas and dry in others to the point when I ended up with really painful and severe acne mainly around my forehead (thank god for huge fringes). I don't think it was something that a lot of people noticed, but it certainly made me a lot more self-conscious of what was going on under that mad combover of mine.

So as parents do, mine tried to help me and invested a lot of time and money into helping me get rid of the mass lumps on my face. Certain things made it worse, others cleared it up amazingly. But it was a constant battle of trying to find the right balance and being able to rely on it. So after nothing really worked I consulted a doctor who has given me a drying lotion for the spots and tablets to clear up the bacteria causing the breakouts. Like it was meant to it got rid of the spots and gave me a much clearer complexion, that I even patched the fringe.

But now at 19 years old where I do wear makeup most days, I'm finding myself tackling some more frequent breakouts. Nothing major enough to make me want to go to a doctor but enough for me to want to try and invest in skin care. I don't quite as much have a routine as yet but I have been trying out some products and this Nuetrogena Visibly Clear range has been working wonders;

Using the gentle scrub exfoliator every other day and the facial wash daily has managed to get rid of any blackheads, whiteheads or spots on my face. Not only is it gentle to my sensitive skin, but it smells like heaven. Both the scrub and wash make your face feel cool and refreshed, helping me wake up every morning as well (which I definitely need). Once I use these products I'll then follow on with the  oil-free moisturiser, mainly around my nose so I get rid of any dry/flaky skin. Using these before bed and pre-makeup'd everyday has made my skin feel significantly softer, look brighter and has reduced blemishes in just 1 week. Maybe I'm just new to this whole skin care thing, but Neutrogena are definitely doing something right.

You can pick these products up in most shops, online retailers and drugstores, as the brand are well known and established in the UK/US. As well as this range of "Visibly Clear" products there are other lines which may suit your problem areas and skin type better. I picked these up while shopping in my local ASDA for £3 each, but you should be able to get them online as well. As usual all items and topics in todays blog will be linked below- let me know your skin care secrets and if you've tried these products out before. I hope you guys have a fab day, I'll see ya soon.

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  1. I have heard mixed reviews on the grapefruit scrub but I think it's time for me to decide for myself haha :)
    Kathy x

  2. Heyy there! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award <3

    Violeta Lyskoit


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