Must Have or Must Hate - Beauty Bargins #2

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Okay so lets just call this Volume 2. of the Aliexpress diary shall we? I told you I'd be back with an update of the items I've bought recently from the "still new to me" Chinese wholesale website. So I figured since talking about them in the previous blog post I should probably show you these matte liquid lipsticks that had drawn me into the website in the first place. Again there where lots of sellers on the website offering the products for varied cheap prices, but after doing my research I settled on one retailer and I was good to go.

I was always fairly interested in these matte lipsticks perhaps as a trial before I invested in the likes of Lime Crime or ABH Cosmetics. I was unsure of a few things like how I would feel about the texture or really just having dry lips (I know I'm a weird person, you don't have to tell me) I understand there will clearly be a difference in quality between the well known brand and some lipstick mass produced in China, then again you never know.

I ordered 5 from this seller at 54 pence a pop, but they did have a discount applied so the one I bought them from might not longer be the cheapest. But yeah, these 5 here are just shades that I would've seen myself buying from the bigger named brands anyway so I could build a decent enough judgement on them. So here is the packaging as well as some colour swatches;

So if I had to pick one out of all five shades that stood out for me it would definitely be 30, I seen this shade as a dry matte substitute for Velvet Teddy. I rarely had to reapply at all when wearing this shade, mainly after eating and even then it wasn't hugely noticeable. The next shade which I tried out was number 33 matched with the wine liner from Primark. I wore this shade on a night out in town, basically to put it to the ultimate test of durability. Considering I was downing venoms and drinking quite a bit. After about 3 drinks I did have to reapply, but there was plenty in the package to do so and at 54p I was cool with it.

Since trying out all the other shades I've probably been converted to matte liquid lipsticks, maybe not for a night out as much (unless Im using a straw) but probably for everyday wear to work, shopping or college. I just used a lip scrub from lush and a lip balm before applying the lipstick, this seemed to help prevent any overly dry, cracking feeling? plus lines where reduced by doing this as well.

I would definitely recommend these products if you haven't tried out any matte lipstick yet, maybe as a judgement before you invest hugely. I ordered these on the 20th Feb and they came within 14 days (inc weekends), which I thinks pretty fast from China. As usual all the links will be below for anything mentioned in the post. If you have an questions, suggestions or if you've ever tried these products out - let me know in the comment section. Oh and if you didn't know I've actually started Youtubing these days so I would love if you could click on the link above ^^, watch and subscribe (if you can) & also if you could give my bloglovin' a follow in the link below. I hope you've enjoyed the post, and ill speak to you soon.

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  1. I have one of these and I will be buying more they are amazing!!
    I have number 30 and it's so lovely! xx

  2. I too have numbers 33 and 30 along with two others I can't remember the number of! I've had a post written up in draft for weeks as I keep changing my my about them! Think it's a love/hate relationship. Great review :)

    Love Hannah xx


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