Primark Beauty Haul - First Ever YouTube Video

Friday, 26 February 2016

After what seems like forever, it looks like I've finally plucked up the courage to go ahead and film my first ever YouTube video. I've always been comfortable blogging because the spotlight has never really been on me, my face or my goofy actions, youtube just always seemed like something that would only ever be an idea. But a couple of days ago I figured 'why after like 6 years have I not done this yet?', it was really only me and my daft thoughts that stopped me. I figured if I'm going to enjoy it and have a hobby from it, then its totally worth the time and any criticism.

I obviously understand it won't be everyones cup of tea or my accent may make your ears bleed, but I guess its like marmite- love it or hate it. I know this post already seems cheesy enough compared to my usual post (so I do apologise for those of you cringing), but doing this actually does mean a lot to me. So I would totally 100% be so grateful if you could give the video a watch, like, comment or subscribe- just even let me know what you think.

The video itself is just a little introduction and then followed by a Primark Beauty Haul, featuring some of the new PS Love collection thanks been launched in the last few weeks. Some of the items are actually amazing and super cheap, my two faves are £1 each. So I'll tag the video below so you guys can see it, either as a link or the video itself. If you have any questions just reach me in the usual ways, Ill speak to you soon.

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