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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Recently I've found myself drawn to a website based in mainland China. Now we've all most likely heard of online Chinese wholesalers and their reputation for being a little sketchy and unreliable. But I came across this website on the hunt for some cheap matte lipsticks which I wanted to buy and review. Its name is Aliexpress and to be honest when I found it I put little faith, trust or pixie dust in the hopes that my stuff would actually arrive; be the right item, colour or even be here at all. But when prices are as low as 10 PENCE its human nature to be at least a little intrigued. So I ordered those matte lipsticks like I said I would (I'll get another post on that shortly) but found myself wandering around not only their beauty products, but their tech & womenswear as well.

So I've decided to do a series of posts and reviews about the items which I'll film later in a collective haul (Still waiting on one last thing). So take this as you will, maybe as a "how to shop carefully online" or "how to get high quality products for pennies". The views are all my own and if I love it or hate it- you will most definitely be able to tell.
Okay so here comes the good, bad and the ugly. The first few things that came through the door were 3 collections of eyelashes. I was never one for wearing fake lashes because my own naturally are long enough, though recently i have found myself adoring the finish they give to a plain eye look. First up we have the two 5 pack eyelashes (the ones on the blue holder) and honestly I've ran out of one pack already, these are now my holy grail and if you've seen me wearing these lashes in the last 3 weeks - its been these bad boys. They cost me (at the time) 56 pence, LIKE SERIOUSLY!! Thats roughly 10 pence each.

Now the next ones are a little bit more daring, I do warn the plain Janes or the faint hearted. These lashes I seen on some photographic feedback and they looked liked that Kylie Jenner lash; yeno, the long & uber curly insta-famous look? I put them on and by dear god were these huge (bearing in mind I'm not into that look) I put one on momentarily and i felt the right hand side of my face just fail completely. I don't know how Kylie does it but damn they where heavy, it honestly felt like I had backcombed my eyelashes. So yeah these are going back in the drawer for a costume party or something where I'll have the guts to wear them. But to be fair the quality is amazing and again at the price of 69 pence- I can't really moan. If this is the look you're into then I would definitely try them out- In fact pop me and email, text or DM and I can post you them out.

Thee shopping experience wasn't all that bad to be honest, they came in only 12 days (I ordered on the 20/1 and they came 2/2) and I'll list the exact sellers below. My only advice would be to research what you're buying, compare it to other wholesalers on the site and make sure theres at least 1 piece of photographic feedback. These lashes didn't come with glue but I picked some up from ASDA which is basically facial superglue for around £2. So let me know what you think in the comments below, if you've ever bought anything or if you would like advice. As normal all relative links will be put below and maybe a few more examples of the same (or similar items) that you can compare. These are my views and experience only, but due to the wholesalers and the type of website yours way vary. But so far following these steps has proved to work in my favour. I hope this has helped and I'll speak to you all very soon.

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