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Thursday, 18 February 2016

KIKO is probably that make up brand that has similar pricing to the likes of Rimmel, Maybeline etc. but I've always found it to have higher quality. Since starting back college I've tried to start saving for summer & paying off my car so I can minimise my outgoings in the long run obviously (because right now everthings going to bills and savings). So I set myself a challenge for the next few months by trying to find high quality make up at lower prices.

I went to the Glasgow fort to get my brows did, and on the way noticed that KIKO had a huge sale so it would've been unlike me if I never popped in for a look. After just having ran out of one of my foundations and I seen this as an experiment to try out some new ones. Kiko had lots on the sale some with 50% off so I got colour matched grabbed some and got on with it.

Now recently all I've done is buy lip products soo it was kinda obvious I'd pick up one, or three. Since I use baby wipes all the time I've been meaning to invest in a good cleanser so I picked up some bits from that. So after that quick 15 minutes in the shop I came out with a bag packed with stuff and heres what I got;

So where should I start first... Well maybe about how bloody cheap everything was. Ill get started with the cleansing products; The Kiko 'Purifying Pads' I picked up for only £3.95 reduced from £9-£10 (sorry I can't remember exactly) & the 'Cleansing Foam' which again was £3.95 in the sale. Both items look like they are store only content, because I've struggled to find more of the purifying pads online. Ive pretty much ran out of both these items already, but I've found my skin to be a lot more clearer and softer when using these over the last few weeks.

Moving on I then picked up some foundations a liquid, cream & a powder. The first one I got matched was the Unlimited foundation (basically because it had the same consistency as MAC Studio Sculpt) which was the only product not in the sale at £14.90, but now is available for as little as £7.40 depending on the skin tone - Mines is in Neutral 40. Moving on I picked up the BB Glow Compact in the shade 06, which is the cream foundation which I just wear everyday or as a top up to the Unlimited foundation if I need super high coverage. Im picked this up for about £4.90 reduced from £12 or so.  Finally for my face I picked up the standard Compact Powder in Shade 105 for only £4.90 from £9.90. Thats like a full face of make up for as little as £18 pounds.

Finally my lipstick habit got fed when I picked up 3 super pigmented and fab colours. Firstly I got two from the Luminous Chrome Collection in shades 703 (Metallic finish) & 500 (Creamy finish) both for £2 each. The next one I picked up purely because the packaging was unreal for the price tag of £3.70, the Intensely Lavish lipstick in the shade 05.

Unfortunately some of the products I purchased in store are not seeming to be available online,  if you have a KIKO Milano near you then I would highly recommend going into the the store rather than searching online. But as usual I'll have everything linked below (that I can) hopefully to help you find the products or a store near you. I hope this was helpful and gave you an insight into Kiko Cosmetics. Have a great day guys, i'll speak to you soon.

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  1. I want to try KIKO products so badly! The things you chose look absolutely lovely, and so affordable too! xo

  2. I want that pink lipstick such a beautiful the post xoxo


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