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Friday, 22 January 2016

So if you know me you'll know I'm a sucker for a good lipliner/lipstick combo, the pouts everything. Ive noticed recently that when I buy my fave MAC Spice liner, it'll make one outing with me and then the next morning its no where to be found. Basically throwing away £14 at a time- which isn't sound with me really. In the search for a new replacement I found myself drifting toward my usual Barry M liner to substitute, bought that and thought I was good to go. As most of you know from twitter Ive been decorating like mad recently, to get ready for my youtube channel.

When it comes to home decor, nick nacks and candles the first place ill drift over to is Primark. Obviously I bagged a candle here and there, maybe a room spray or a pillow (ill get to that in another post). The mother was taking her time (as usual) and I seen a few posts about the PS Love range that Primark has and took the opportunity to go check it out. Soooo me being the impulsive buyer/hoarder I picked up every colour available in the Argyle Street shop in these cool lipliner and lip crayons. At a pound or two each it wasn't going to hurt the pocket.  So here they are guys.
So this is where I rave about how amazing they are... but honestly I now have 5 of the shade 'Brown'. So lets give you a run down of the colours I picked up and reviewed. Starting with the Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons (left to right) I have Natural, Nude & Wine. Trust me the Nude crayon substitutes on college days for my MAC love 'Velvet Teddy'. Now onto the liners (again left to right) we have, Brown, Natural, Nude, Pink, Wine & Red. These liners are absolutely, positively the best things I've ever bought from Primark and at £1 I would buy every shade at least 4 times. I mix them with my MAC shades, drugstore ones and the crayons and they look fabulous and last all day.

I mean you can see just how much I've used the wine liner & I've struggled to find this shade again since. They have such great pigmentation and consistency, please, please, pleaseeee go try these out. So here they are, theres nothing much more I can say without boring you. Go pick at least one of these up and comment below or tweet me about your experience or any new shades.

So I obviously need to apologise as well for not posting in so long, but its been a hectic couple of months. Im not going to make hundreds of excuses life just got super duper in the way. But I'm here and ill be posting hopefully twice a week (depending on college schedule). 2016 is going to be fab & I love that you guys will be a big part of it. So if you want to collab or speak with me, get me in the usual ways.  Have a fab weekend and ill be speaking to you shortly.

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  1. i just follow your blog.
    nice post and blog <3

  2. These sound brilliant. I'll definitely check them out next time I'm in primark! Thanks for sharing xx

  3. This looks good, love the different colour palette xoxo


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