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Monday, 2 November 2015

So Mondays tend to be that day of the week where I kinda wrap myself In my duvet and just skink back into dreaminess. Which is allowed here and there (and trust me I'm a huge advocate of that), but today I just had a few extra special reasons to get out of bed. Well really the only thing that can get me out of bed is either pancakes and bacon or the postman. Sadly it wasn't to the smell of maple syrup, but deliveries are just as sweet. So if you've read my previous blog post you'll know I had a little splurge when I got paid and one quick look on Superdrug got me a teeny tiny bit carried away.

You could say that I'm currently going through a "phase" where all I've wanted is makeup brushes. Now I don't know if this is just me, but all the makeup brushes that have been released in anticipation for Christmas are just super shiny, pretty and metallic (which are 3 things that pretty much cause me to have heart palpitations). I mean I would've held off and asked St Nick for these, but they where right there basically screaming about how much I needed them. So Ive already spoken about the Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals collection but I might have bought their other makeup brush set, and I don't even regret it a little. Have a look though would you ?

These Makeup Revolution Ultra Scuplt and Blend collection are the ultimate go to brushes, they fit nicely into my tiny little makeup bag for work and college. Meaning I can maintain that sculpted and well highlighted face throughout the day without taking my full brush collection everywhere I go. I can already tell that we're going to have a wonderful brush-to-face relationship because the brush hairs are so soft but yet nicely dense to put in the graft so you don't need to. The little blending sponge feels just like my beauty blender so I'm exited to give that a shot as well. These 3 brushes and the blending sponge only cost me £14.99 from Superdrug, though I am sure the Makeup Revolution website offers them there as well.  Ill use them on todays contour and let you know via Twitter how that goes @HauteBothered_

Now in the previous blog I mentioned my love for Real Techniques brushes, I must say they have been in my collection for the longest and are super reliable. Before this purchase though I was feeling a little bit like there wasn't much momentum on the brushes in the lower price range. However my doubts are gone and the have released some fantastic new sets all in time for Christmas. The one you'll see below is the Deluxe Holiday Set featuring 2 set exclusives which I believe are the 'Tapered Foundation Brush' & the 'Angled Highlighter Brush'.  The set then contains a Multi-task Brush, Fine Liner Brush & Base Shadow brush (which I already had but ill probably use this one for nose contour). The new look for these brushes is amazing, the brushes still have the same colours to determine their use however its like they've been upgraded to a hybrid metallic look. Along with these brushes you're able to see it on their Collectors Edition Eyelining Set which ill link at the bottom of this post, for all you eyeliner lovers. 

I forgot to mention up top but with this set which Superdrug are offering for £20 (thats £10 off RRP) you also get an cute little silver clutch to put your brushes in when you're on the go. How sweets that? You've got everything you need there really for a full face look; whether you're using the Multi-Brush for blush, powder or bronzing, the Tapered Foundation for concealer or foundation. Thats what I love about real techniques for, the versatility in each brush and how it can be used in a different way. Again the synthetic fibres are so soft and gentle for your face and they really can pack product despite this.

I love love love both these brush sets and bought them together with the intention of combining both sets to have everything thing I need for the upcoming party season. Whether it be to touch up during the night or for reapplying in the morning (wink,wink). Both sets present purposes which I go for, a flawless finish and a well sculpted look. So far I highly recommend them on the look, feel and just experience with both beauty brands overall. But ill be sure to post more on Twitter and Instagram once I've gotten the hang of them.

Ive already added these brushes to christmas lists for all the chicas en mi familia, for gifts along with some other favourites to let them have a go. Anyway thanks anyway for checking out this post, hopefully I won't have anymore brush buying tendencies in the next month or so. Cant make any promises though. Everything will be linked below if you want to have a look at some of the products in todays blog.
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  1. I am so desperate to try the new makeup revolution brushes, and they have gone on my Christmas list this year! I am a huge fan of the real techniques brushes, too, so I will be sure to check out the Deluxe holiday set. Lovely post x
    Our Blog//FloralsAndCoralsx

    1. Honestly its the best investment I've made in a long time!! Ill go check out your blog, cute name x


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