Make Up Revolution Ultra Metals - Brush Review

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Let me just get started by saying it has been a long 3 months since I last bought myself some makeup goodies, being responsible and money savvy is not fun at all. Honestly looking through everyones instagram and bloglovin posts had made me feel that little bit left out ... get the violins oot. Well I no longer need anyone to throw me a pity parade because I may have splurged just a little bit on payday and as a result have any disposable income I had is gone. I have some really pretty things though...

So some of the pretty little things I bought include a few Makeup Revolution products. But the pinnacle of that purchase was the sheer greatness of these brand spanking new, rose gold makeup brushes. I've always wanted to try the new Real Technique Brushes but they are a little bit pricey for my student income so I thought why not give these beauties a try. I mean for £34.95, you're saving £10 if you buy them as a set rather as individually. So tell santa to get his finger out. Honestly they give me life, just have a little look below. Oh and they even sent me a little freebie of their Light-Medium Concealer palette which ill put below as well, if you want a wee nosy. 

I mean how glorious are they? So you've seen how amazing they look, now let me give you a little insight into how they preform. The fibres in these brushes are absolutely amazing and perfect for that person with even the most sensitive skin ever (i.e. me). They pick up product like magnet and it goes onto your face super pigmented. Ive only used these brushes with powder so far, mainly for contouring and highlighting, but boy do they work wonders. Infact thats a lie, I used the Ultra Contour Foundation brush (the triangle one) for concealing the larger areas under my eye and on my head before blending out and it gets into every point and crease.

Usually I have a favourite when it comes to sets like these, but I must say each of of these brushes are amazing. Whether it comes to contouring, highlighting, pressed/loose powders, foundations, eyeshadows, the list is endless. Basically what I'm saying is get your hands on these before they're gone. They make an amazing first set and they're a little bonus to a MUAs kit as well. The only thing I would say is keep them clean or the white bristles will end up the same colour as the handle.

Makeup Revolution seem to be upping their game these days, so ill post a few more reviews or other items I purchased along with these. Im super excited to give their sister company a try, don't know if you've heard of them but its called Freedom Makeup. Go give their websites a look through and maybe add some of their products on your wish list to Santa. Any products I've spoken about will be listed below with links. 
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